Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Morning Friends

Yeah it is Friday! Am I really that excited? Well hmmmm!?! ? Maybe.

The weekend is going to be busy. YARDSALE! MOVING SALE! IT ALL MUST GO!

I am not kidding. It all has to go. I know you have all heard my sad story of being the sole survivor of a unique family. Unique chosen over weird, my family left me with years and generations of stuff. Family heirlooms is one thing, but when those family heirlooms take over and the only thing I can find in my house that I
(Thanks Mom and Dad)

actually bought is two paintings, some crafts, violin, golf clubs, and books oh and this computer in a two thousand square foot home that only houses 3 people. It is time for a change.

What started all this change was my health. The second catalyst is financial. The third is moving to a smaller home and downsizing. So the winds of change are upon the Wilkinson Household. This is the first sale of a month long cleaning and ridding expedition. When I am done I will own my bed, living room furniture, towels, kitchen table, dishes, cosmetics, computer, filing cabinet, dresser, tv, stereo, cooking utensils, washer, dryer, tools, pantry goods and of course the violin, golf clubs, some books, and my paintings. Oh I almost forgot my plants and the refrigerator. The pets are going with me, my daughter and her furniture and my husband. I am also keeping my grandma’s swing. Some things I just can not part with the swing being number 1.

Life as I know it is changing.

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  1. Don't blame you for hanging on to the swing. Good luck with the sale and the downsizing!