Monday, December 19, 2011

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Give Me Your Ears!

NO! The first ear I get in the mail I will send to the police. I do not want your ears, I want you to listen. I am a creative soul. I always thought knowledge was power, but given the current state of my three accounts and the negativity that seems to abound there I am beginning to doubt that is true.

The information age has come and opinions run amuck. I have received posts and messages from Newt Gingrich being a new Hitler to our President being the anti-christ. I can not take anymore information. It is slowly killing my creative spirit.

I am hereby warning all of my Facebook friends, Twitter followers and Google plus circles if you post negative comments about another group of people I will unfollow, unfreind or remove you from my circle. This creative chick can not take the negative bullshit.

Happy Holidays! Teresa Wilkinson

You have 24 hours to comply or I bid you good bye.


  1. It's election year -- competition brings out the worst in many.